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School went okay today.

ART* colored lol
SCIENCE* Meap, and made tyler fun pictures lol
SOCIAL STUDIES*well schmittys friggen idiotic! so i slept.
MATH* talked to josh
GYM* scoped out a man with paige haha :) a nice lookin man, a matter a fact
LANGUAGE* :) oohh la la.

Now i've been discussing some legal terms with my buisness associates. You know, highly impecable stuff you most likley wouldn't understand. Yes i know, I'm a smart buisness woman, No wonder your reading my journal. Probably want to see all the enhanced work i've been doing for my potato chip company. But let me tell you, it's top secret stuff. Don't be coming around these barn doors without a pass for Gail! Altough she may look nice, She is one tough momma jomma. She don't take no crap from you how to say, Middle-Class Americans. Unless you wear rouge lipstick that is.

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