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today is monday, gabby is in a good mood!

well you see, my day went as follows..

i went to school.

1 hour, or should i say 2 hour? hmm..ha welli sat there because jake wasnt at school today so i didnt have anyone to talk to.

2 hour, or 1 hour? ehh idk. meaps, then everyone was done and tyler had a hicky on his neck so we were messin around and me n dana told mrs. curnell and everyone was whispering and pointing at tyler hah it was hilarious.

3 hour, colored with my fellow table mates hha, jill phil kyle and uh kelsey c just kinda sat there, but shes cool too.

4 hour, talked to josh

5 hour, mr oakley talked..and talkedd

6 hour, ha oh boyyy idk about that class. lol

Came home and watched infomercials on a lamp and a vacuum ohh ohh and a car buffer/ rust remover.. ooo ahhh. and now im waiting for my aunt to get here so she can put the redness into my hair :) no worries..its not gunna be like wizzamm apple red more like a only see it when the light hits my hair kinda deal.

Lindsay, up for Tappin?
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