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TEN people I enjoy the company of in no specific order:Paige Dana Lindsay Tyler Jillian Elaine Evan Jamie Mike Anddd Lailani!

NINE things im wearing: jean pants, cammi, a hair tie, a shirt, socks, bra, and underpants! ..and thats all im wearing

EIGHT things on my mind:Gee today was great!; im kinda tired; i need to work on my balancing skills..; this bird is definently annoying me; i sure am going to miss tyler; mikes new haircut haha its cute!; im kinda thirsty; orange soda?

SEVEN items I touch everyday:My keyboard, my cell fone, my bed, my clothes, my hair, some sort of food, toothbrush.

SIX things I do everyday:Sleep,Put my contacts in, Eat, Play on the computer, think about him,and shower!

FIVE things I want to do before I die:Have Some Serious Money Making, Maybe College, Work at american eagle(for the discount lol),Own my own Home or Apartment type thing, and be in Cirque Du Soliel!!

FOUR things I would never do:Eat a worm, kill someone else,wear those stupid poncho type things,get a bull cut

THREE things I think when I wake up:what time is it; i am definently not getting up right now, err i cant see a thing!

What 2 things are you thinking right now? its a nice day out, man i need a nap mike woke me up wayyy to early..

ONE person I love more than any other: Manny the kitty :) although she is not a person..but i'd like to think of her as one..shes cool, she pees on people..

Gee that was fun..
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