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Hmm, well i haven't updated in a long long time..

School Sucked, as usual
I had to walk to school today, such a bad time all by myself, i was late.. :(

half of science* looked at the back of tylers head, its alot more interesting then mrs.toshbuzzy trying to exlplain electrons, then did some game thing..
language* sat with jordan lailani and justin..and did absolutley nothing
gym* ewww swimming
math* talked to josh and bridgette about archery haha
social studies* DREW A NICE PICTURE FOR KENNY and even colored it with metallic crayons ;)
r&r* made mazes and stars with derek and nick moore, those are two cool kids
After school went to the cheerleading meeting, that was exciting hah linds, i cant wait for it to start!

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