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Crystal Was So Fun!!!!!!!

Woke up, finished packing and went up to the middle school. Sat by Lindsay on the bus, we had a fun time crocheting our blankets.stopped at mcdonalds n played fortune teller :) lol got to crystal n played with chucky for a little bit then went to dinner and on our way home..Paige Lindsay Jill Bre Christina Chucky and I saw a snow pile and i was messin around n pushed jill down it n yeah there was a sign sticking out of the snowpile and she cut open her kneecap on it..:o she had to 13 stitches lol i felt sooo bad..but her mom might sue so she'll get money out of it lol then learned how to ski, thanks to the help of lindsay reannin and casey.Then went skiiing with everyone and tryed to keep up.after,went over to the boys chalet for a little while, came back to ours and had like a 6 hour conversation with paige and got like 3 hours of sleep. lol.

Woke up sat around for 15 minutes and walked to breakfast, of course mrs.brikee was the first one there as she paced in a fast waddle..haha. Came back to the chalet wit the ladys,chucky, and shane. Played with them for a little bit, and went skiing with paige and bre. hahahah, there was this really steep hill and i was like lets go down that one! and me n paige were like go first! so bre goes down it and me n paige are at the top looking over the hill hahahah it was the funniest thing,so breann was sitting at the bottom and me n paige were waiting for her at the top but we went down after becuase were such dare devils..Then went to dinner, back to the chalet with everyone..

Went to El breakfastino uhmm then returned our skis with the help of chucky and eissac.while the others were skiing, came back to the chalet with themm and sat around for a while, had a real good time. then zak n robbie you know the works lol came:)
Time to go got on the bus, sat by Lindsay! haha, and we KROSHETEDDD out Sony And Dirk...dannngggggg sonys nice looking ;) took a short nap and KROSHETED alot more. sucha cute boy haha

I miss it :(
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