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Omg whatta weekend...
Went to Vegas with Granma and friend aandnd omgg her friend anita is just soooooo annoying i was getting ready to kill her..She would nag and nag about everything.. and her driving, omgggg OMG!!!! every stop sign you would feel like you were gunna go through the windsheild! but i got a snazzy belt buckle out of it.

So on the plane home me and Karm were planning on ways to get out of the next trip..
we decided on slipping a knife into anitas purse :)

Snow Day!!!!!
Woke up aroundd 10 then wondered around my house aimlessly.. Went over to saras then we walked over to ashcrafts, Got some Sodaa and sat on a ledge..Went across the street to a bank becuase it was freezing, took a bunch of lolli ppops.Saw Paige and ashlee talked to them for like..3 seconds. Went to Nicks house to use the bathroom but he wasnt home so we had to travel all the way back to saras..Then walked over to the candy shop and then some dudes by the dollar show were staring at us n so i started yelling at them n calling them perves then they got in there van and drove over by us n got out, so we ran lol so...we walked and we saw Nick and Ryan, talked to them for a while and went back to saras put some du rags on n played sega ;) Mighty Max then i moved the cord and it turned off..Well thats my day.

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