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Today was a Half Day! Went to Lunas with paige after school, and what was suposed to be a five minute wait for a sub, turned into a 45 minute wait, so we sat there with Jenny and Brittan and made fun of G-unit Ghetto Man. Went back to my house for a little bit and then went over her house. Haha, Went to 31 Flavors and got some icecream, and we were sitting there and this old woman was outside and she opened the door and stared at me like she was really mad at me, so i me n her just sat there staring at eachother then she came in and started laughing at me n was soo weird! On our way back we took a bunch of hilarious pictures!! look in paiges shutterfly.. Then, warmed up at her house n went to the candy store. Yeah were fat pigs.. We payed for all of our stuff in change. hahah, then went back to her house and stayed there for a while..Then Father picked me up.

Great Day
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