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[19 Jun 2005|12:31pm]
Hi. Heres My Lj With the young Astroid fighter, full of courage and power. You talk smack, he'll beatchu up and thats a promise.
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[28 Mar 2005|04:33pm]
[ mood | Holy Shnikees..lol ]

TEN people I enjoy the company of in no specific order:Paige Dana Lindsay Tyler Jillian Elaine Evan Jamie Mike Anddd Lailani!

NINE things im wearing: jean pants, cammi, a hair tie, a shirt, socks, bra, and underpants! ..and thats all im wearing

EIGHT things on my mind:Gee today was great!; im kinda tired; i need to work on my balancing skills..; this bird is definently annoying me; i sure am going to miss tyler; mikes new haircut haha its cute!; im kinda thirsty; orange soda?

SEVEN items I touch everyday:My keyboard, my cell fone, my bed, my clothes, my hair, some sort of food, toothbrush.

SIX things I do everyday:Sleep,Put my contacts in, Eat, Play on the computer, think about him,and shower!

FIVE things I want to do before I die:Have Some Serious Money Making, Maybe College, Work at american eagle(for the discount lol),Own my own Home or Apartment type thing, and be in Cirque Du Soliel!!

FOUR things I would never do:Eat a worm, kill someone else,wear those stupid poncho type things,get a bull cut

THREE things I think when I wake up:what time is it; i am definently not getting up right now, err i cant see a thing!

What 2 things are you thinking right now? its a nice day out, man i need a nap mike woke me up wayyy to early..

ONE person I love more than any other: Manny the kitty :) although she is not a person..but i'd like to think of her as one..shes cool, she pees on people..

Gee that was fun..

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[23 Mar 2005|04:44pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Hmm, well i haven't updated in a long long time..

School Sucked, as usual
I had to walk to school today, such a bad time all by myself, i was late.. :(

half of science* looked at the back of tylers head, its alot more interesting then mrs.toshbuzzy trying to exlplain electrons, then did some game thing..
language* sat with jordan lailani and justin..and did absolutley nothing
gym* ewww swimming
math* talked to josh and bridgette about archery haha
social studies* DREW A NICE PICTURE FOR KENNY and even colored it with metallic crayons ;)
r&r* made mazes and stars with derek and nick moore, those are two cool kids
After school went to the cheerleading meeting, that was exciting hah linds, i cant wait for it to start!


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[08 Mar 2005|04:52pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Crystal Was So Fun!!!!!!!

Woke up, finished packing and went up to the middle school. Sat by Lindsay on the bus, we had a fun time crocheting our blankets.stopped at mcdonalds n played fortune teller :) lol got to crystal n played with chucky for a little bit then went to dinner and on our way home..Paige Lindsay Jill Bre Christina Chucky and I saw a snow pile and i was messin around n pushed jill down it n yeah there was a sign sticking out of the snowpile and she cut open her kneecap on it..:o she had to 13 stitches lol i felt sooo bad..but her mom might sue so she'll get money out of it lol then learned how to ski, thanks to the help of lindsay reannin and casey.Then went skiiing with everyone and tryed to keep up.after,went over to the boys chalet for a little while, came back to ours and had like a 6 hour conversation with paige and got like 3 hours of sleep. lol.

Woke up sat around for 15 minutes and walked to breakfast, of course mrs.brikee was the first one there as she paced in a fast waddle..haha. Came back to the chalet wit the ladys,chucky, and shane. Played with them for a little bit, and went skiing with paige and bre. hahahah, there was this really steep hill and i was like lets go down that one! and me n paige were like bre..you go first! so bre goes down it and me n paige are at the top looking over the hill hahahah it was the funniest thing,so breann was sitting at the bottom and me n paige were waiting for her at the top but we went down after becuase were such dare devils..Then went to dinner, back to the chalet with everyone..

Went to El breakfastino uhmm then returned our skis with the help of chucky and eissac.while the others were skiing, came back to the chalet with themm and sat around for a while, had a real good time. then zak n robbie you know the works lol came:)
Time to go Home..so got on the bus, sat by Lindsay! haha, and we KROSHETEDDD out Sony And Dirk...dannngggggg sonys nice looking ;) took a short nap and KROSHETED alot more. sucha cute boy haha

I miss it :(

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[01 Mar 2005|06:48pm]
[ mood | Indeed ]

Omg whatta weekend...
Went to Vegas with Granma and friend aandnd omgg her friend anita is just soooooo annoying i was getting ready to kill her..She would nag and nag about everything.. and her driving, omgggg OMG!!!! every stop sign you would feel like you were gunna go through the windsheild! but i got a snazzy belt buckle out of it.

So on the plane home me and Karm were planning on ways to get out of the next trip..
we decided on slipping a knife into anitas purse :)

Snow Day!!!!!
Woke up aroundd 10 then wondered around my house aimlessly.. Went over to saras then we walked over to ashcrafts, Got some Sodaa and sat on a ledge..Went across the street to a bank becuase it was freezing, took a bunch of lolli ppops.Saw Paige and ashlee talked to them for like..3 seconds. Went to Nicks house to use the bathroom but he wasnt home so we had to travel all the way back to saras..Then walked over to the candy shop and then some dudes by the dollar show were staring at us n so i started yelling at them n calling them perves then they got in there van and drove over by us n got out, so we ran lol so...we walked and we saw Nick and Ryan, talked to them for a while and went back to saras put some du rags on n played sega ;) Mighty Max then i moved the cord and it turned off..Well thats my day.

Comment Yo

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[23 Feb 2005|12:59pm]
[ mood | content ]

In Mr.Oakleys Class..

Havent updated in a while cuz nothing interesting ever happens. thats okay though. I just tripped over my seat in here and everyone laughed lol. Uhmmm...n thats my day so far! Probably go home, play the n and sleep...geeeee what a life i have. Going to Las Vegas Tommorrow after school until monday with grammy man o mannn. So that shall be interesting, update after the trippy.

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[17 Feb 2005|05:17pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Today was a Half Day! Went to Lunas with paige after school, and what was suposed to be a five minute wait for a sub, turned into a 45 minute wait, so we sat there with Jenny and Brittan and made fun of G-unit Ghetto Man. Went back to my house for a little bit and then went over her house. Haha, Went to 31 Flavors and got some icecream, and we were sitting there and this old woman was outside and she opened the door and stared at me like she was really mad at me, so i me n her just sat there staring at eachother then she came in and started laughing at me n paige..it was soo weird! On our way back we took a bunch of hilarious pictures!! look in paiges shutterfly.. Then, warmed up at her house n went to the candy store. Yeah were fat pigs.. We payed for all of our stuff in change. hahah, then went back to her house and stayed there for a while..Then Father picked me up.

Great Day

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[15 Feb 2005|01:15pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

In Mr.Oakleys Class,Playing The N with jillian !! hehe!!

Went to the Dentist Today, and the chickiee gave me Banana split foam n it was spiccayy!! :)

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[13 Feb 2005|04:32pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

Woke up and went to church. came home, family came over and had lunch. Sat around for a little, Then went ice skating with Jill Jamie & Bre!! i learned how to skate and do a happyskate!!!! i fell soo many times though. Played DDR extreme with Jamie there and there was like this Ginormous crowd of kids gathered around us, and a boy started booing me because i was on beginner and couldnt hit any of the arrows! lol, so then came home..

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[12 Feb 2005|04:56pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Friday, went to school! and me n lindsay wore skirts and boots and beanies, and we sooo matched! ahah, yeah were cool.. :) avatars! After school, came home sat around for awhile. Then went to family fun night with sura, n we ate donuts mhmmmmmmm!!! so played ddr with corin and joe p. Then went to saras for the nighttyy and i got a bloody nose :( but its fixed now. Then in the morning went to her rec game. Soon after we traveled to the mall with Mike R and Brandon, to shop for valentines day gifts.lol that was very nice and after i came home n daron was leaving forever, awww im gunna miss him soo much! :(


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[06 Feb 2005|07:28pm]
[ mood | I am okay ]

Woke up went to church, then to my grandmas for lunch. came home, talked to mike for a whilee then played on the n until my parental came home with food. Now i am watching th super bowl and drinking a juice pouch. lol.

I Love You Mike<33


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[05 Feb 2005|03:54pm]
[ mood | cold ]


went to school, came home played the n. Then went to danas with the ladiess! went to the dance, that was actually quite fun! Mikeyy Maddison asked me out :) thenn my mom picked Jill Jamie and I up n got some food n went to jamies for the night!! haha, that was soo funny!

Jo Jo's my home girl, but some of her lies make me want to hurl. i see her when im walking home with earl. She always wears pearls, like a really classy girl. But she ain't, lets drop this beat!
doo do do do doooo, the boys are waiting, dooo doo do do doooo, the boys are waiting! MYYY MILKSHAKE BRINGS ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD, N THEIR LIKE ITS BETTER THEN YOURS, DANG RIGHT ITS BETTER THEN YOURS, I CAN TEACH YOU BUT I HAVE TO CHARGE! doo doo do doo, NOW bring that beat back, do doo do do doooo, I love My Shoe becauses it don't reak like poo ,doo do do dooo, Froogles arent the way to be, hit me with a stubburn tree! dont make me think of it twice or i'll itch my head and scratch out my lice. dooo doo do do dooooo, they boys are waiting, do dooo do do doooo, OHHH oh? OOOOH oh? ..oh?! Hey yall whatup in the crib of a club? you want to get drunk n make some kids? that aint cool im a christian dutch girl, i aint no fly that way. Yo, come to my next play! check it 1,2 .

Yo Fly that McGrill!

omgg that was great!

Father Todd picked me up around 11 and i had to go to the movies with my Family...yahh
The movie was okay, but on our way back, we got to go through the CAR WASH!! i love those!! and then i saw some girl in a statue of liberty costume holding up a sign that said Taxes Are Coming! yeah kinda weird..

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[02 Feb 2005|05:45pm]
[ mood | good ]

Wednesday right?

School went as follows:

Science* watched day after tomorrow..
Language* I only wish..
Gym* haha, team handball duh!!! SARAAA!! hah totally cool jams.
Math* Planned me n joshes trip on our motorcycles!! DUHH lol
Social Studies* Sub, staring contests with jake s n jill, then drew portraits of nick jake h and patrick lol
R and R* Uhh Bingo..seating chart?? and talked to tyler the whole time..

Came home and played on the N because me and lindsay are that cool to start our own rpg cheetah girl style!! lol

talking to my love..

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[29 Jan 2005|06:18pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Friday* school, went to lailanis. Then Kelsey Kate Lailani and I went to Tinas. That was uhm, interesting. Lailanis dad picked us up and me n kelsey spent the night at lailanis. her house is SOO COOL! DUDE ITS FRIGGEN AWESOME!she has seeds in her kitchen drawers! and a cool lookin fan! and even a closet for her broom.lol. played ddr n remenessed on tinas , it was fun. Went to bed around 2:30.? came home around.. 12. Played avatar prom!! hah linds im on lvl 9! went to king video n mcdonalds..and now im conversating with my great friend Mr.zak watkins! lol :)


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[25 Jan 2005|03:36pm]
[ mood | quixotic ]

School went okay today.

ART* colored lol
SCIENCE* Meap, and made tyler fun pictures lol
SOCIAL STUDIES*well schmittys friggen idiotic! so i slept.
MATH* talked to josh
GYM* scoped out a man with paige haha :) a nice lookin man, a matter a fact
LANGUAGE* :) oohh la la.

Now i've been discussing some legal terms with my buisness associates. You know, highly impecable stuff you most likley wouldn't understand. Yes i know, I'm a smart buisness woman, No wonder your reading my journal. Probably want to see all the enhanced work i've been doing for my potato chip company. But let me tell you, it's top secret stuff. Don't be coming around these barn doors without a pass for Gail! Altough she may look nice, She is one tough momma jomma. She don't take no crap from you how to say, Middle-Class Americans. Unless you wear rouge lipstick that is.


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[24 Jan 2005|02:26pm]
[ mood | good ]

today is monday, gabby is in a good mood!

well you see, my day went as follows..

i went to school.

1 hour, or should i say 2 hour? hmm..ha welli sat there because jake wasnt at school today so i didnt have anyone to talk to.

2 hour, or 1 hour? ehh idk. meaps, then everyone was done and tyler had a hicky on his neck so we were messin around and me n dana told mrs. curnell and everyone was whispering and pointing at tyler hah it was hilarious.

3 hour, colored with my fellow table mates hha, jill phil kyle and uh kelsey c just kinda sat there, but shes cool too.

4 hour, talked to josh

5 hour, mr oakley talked..and talkedd

6 hour, ha oh boyyy idk about that class. lol

Came home and watched infomercials on a lamp and a vacuum ohh ohh and a car buffer/ rust remover.. ooo ahhh. and now im waiting for my aunt to get here so she can put the redness into my hair :) no worries..its not gunna be like wizzamm apple red more like a only see it when the light hits my hair kinda deal.

Lindsay, up for Tappin?

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[23 Jan 2005|05:08pm]
Went to upnorth to my mothers for the weekend. kinda boring, but haven't seen her in a while.

Didn't really do anything up there. but i visited the grandma and pop bob.

Ungrounded!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!

Step Into The Freezer
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[11 Jan 2005|06:14pm]
[ mood | great! ]

 Today was Nice.

   Went to school, half day..

   Sara and I went to Tacobell and ATE! Went back to her house, then played sega :) soon after we walked to the jones store, :) mmmhmm came back  had some fundidlyun, and went to practice!!


  We had our last game of the season, which is upsetting because i enjoy them. Soo we cheered and did our competition cheer for halftime which was not very good, because we suck... if only people would try. 



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[08 Jan 2005|03:45pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

uhh woke up, ate watched comedy central worked on my backwalkover..ate, and did nothing? lol. what a life i have, always grounded.

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[04 Jan 2005|06:26pm]
[ mood | tired ]


1*eh dont remember?
2*talked to dan ream,funny kid
3*paige lindsay jill and myself are doing a project on the cheetah girls ;)
gymmmiee* well while mrs ebaugh explained volleyball, i kind of fell asleep briefly on the gym floor, and i woke up, n james and anthony were just staring at me..ha kind of weird.

Cheerleading after school. came home and thats my day.


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